Course Sequence for the Minor

minor course sequence flowchart, described in text below

Take these courses in this order for the Minor:

  1. COMP 101 Introduction to Computers & Computing
  2. Choose one of the following courses:
    1. COMP 102 Programming Basics: JavaScript/Web Development (offered every Fall and Winter)
    2. COMP 103 Programming Basics: Python/Multimedia (offered every Spring)
    3. COMP 104 Programming Basics: Python/Scientific Computing (offered every Fall)
  3. COMP 150 Introduction to Programming (offered every Winter and Spring)
  4. COMP 210 Data Structures (offered every Fall and Spring)
  5. Meanwhile, complete these Math courses:
    1. Required: MATH 112 Calculus 1 (offered several times every year) or MATH 110 and 111 Calculus 1 with Review
    2. Required: MATH 250 Discreet Math (offered every year)
  6. After Data Structures, choose from (one required)
    1. COMP 215 Algorithms (offered every year)
    2. COMP 230 Computer Organization (offered every year)
  7. Examples of Electives: 2 are required
    1. The other COMP 215/230 option
    2. COMP 320 Programming Languages (Even years, Spring)
    3. COMP 300 Automata (Odd years, Spring)
    4. Special Topics Courses (At least 2 offered per year. Examples: Software Engineering, Computational Neuroscience, Mobile Computing, Cryptography, Operating Systems, Parallel Algorithms)