Faculty and Staff

Department Faculty

Alyce Brady

Alyce Brady, Department Chair

Ph. D., Rosemary K. Brown Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science

Phone: 269.337.7065

Email: Alyce.Brady@kzoo.edu

Office: 203G Olds/Upton Hall

Interests: Programming Languages, Software Engineering, Computer Science Education

Pam Cutter

Pam Cutter

Ph. D., Associate Professor of Computer Science

Phone: 269.337.7064

Email: Pam.Cutter@kzoo.edu

Office: 203F Olds/Upton Hall

Interests: Computer Science Education, Computational Number Theory, Mobile Apps

Sandino Vargas-Perez

Sandino Vargas-Pérez

Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Phone: 269.337.7564

Email: Sandino.VargasPerez@kzoo.edu

Office: 208D Olds/Upton Hall

Interests: High-Performance Computing, Parallel and Distributed Algorithms, Computational Genomics, Data Structures and Compression

Related Faculty and Staff

Peter Erdi

Peter Erdi

Ph. D., Henry R. Luce Professor of Complex Systems Studies

Phone: 269.337.5720

Email: Peter.Erdi@kzoo.edu

Office: 208B Olds/Upton Hall

Jan Tobochnik

Jan Tobochnik

Ph. D., Dow Distinguished Professor of Natural Science

Phone: 269.337.7098

Email: Jan.Tobochnik@kzoo.edu

Office: 208A Olds/Upton Hall

Kristen Eldred

Kristen Eldred

Office Coordinator

Phone: 269.337.7100

Email: Kristen.Eldred@kzoo.edu

Office: 203 Olds/Upton Hall